The Inner City Dart League (ICDL)
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Diesel Wet Darts at BYE

Marlay House Hooligans at Tin Roof Troubadartz

Rusty Nail Getting Hammered at Glenn's Train Trash

Maggie's Dart Vader at Trackside Team Apathy

Kirkyard Darty Deeds at Rusty Nail Random Acts of Dartness

Beer Growler Four Horsemen at Diesel Redarts


Trackside Team Apathy at BYE

Rusty Nail Random Acts of Dartness at Tin Roof Troubadartz

Diesel Redarts at Maggie's Dart Vader

Kirkyard Darty Deeds at Glenn's Train Trash

Beer Growler Four Horsemen at Rusty Nail Getting Hammered

Marlay House Hooligans at Diesel Wet Darts


Kirkyard Darty Deeds at BYE

Rusty Nail Random Acts of Dartness at Maggie's Dart Vader

Glenn's Train Trash at Beer Growler Four Horsemen

Diesel Redarts at Marlay House Hooligans

Tin Roof Troubadartz at Rusty Nail Getting Hammered

Trackside Team Apathy at Diesel Wet Darts


Beer Growler Four Horsemen at BYE

Diesel Wet Darts at Tin Roof Troubadartz

Glenn's Train Trash at Maggie's Dart Vader

Kirkyard Darty Deeds at Marlay House Hooligans

Trackside Team Apathy at Rusty Nail Random Acts of Dartness

Rusty Nail Getting Hammered at Diesel Redarts


Marlay House Hooligans at BYE

Diesel Wet Darts at Kirkyard Darty Deeds

Rusty Nail Random Acts of Dartness at Beer Growler Four Horsemen

Glenn's Train Trash at Trackside Team Apathy

Maggie's Dart Vader at Rusty Nail Getting Hammered

Tin Roof Troubadartz at Diesel Redarts


Maggie's Dart Vader at BYE

Trackside Team Apathy at Kirkyard Darty Deeds

Beer Growler Four Horsemen at Tin Roof Troubadartz

Marlay House Hooligans at Glenn's Train Trash

Rusty Nail Getting Hammered at Rusty Nail Random Acts of Dartness

Diesel Wet Darts at Diesel Redarts


Rusty Nail Getting Hammered at BYE

Kirkyard Darty Deeds at Maggie's Dart Vader

Tin Roof Troubadartz at Glenn's Train Trash

Diesel Redarts at Trackside Team Apathy

Beer Growler Four Horsemen at Marlay House Hooligans

Rusty Nail Random Acts of Dartness at Diesel Wet Darts


Glenn's Train Trash at BYE

Maggie's Dart Vader at Tin Roof Troubadartz

Trackside Team Apathy at Beer Growler Four Horsemen

Rusty Nail Random Acts of Dartness at Marlay House Hooligans

Diesel Wet Darts at Rusty Nail Getting Hammered

Kirkyard Darty Deeds at Diesel Redarts


Tin Roof Troubadartz at BYE

Rusty Nail Getting Hammered at Kirkyard Darty Deeds

Maggie's Dart Vader at Beer Growler Four Horsemen

Trackside Team Apathy at Marlay House Hooligans

Diesel Redarts at Rusty Nail Random Acts of Dartness

Glenn's Train Trash at Diesel Wet Darts


Rusty Nail Random Acts of Dartness at BYE

Beer Growler Four Horsemen at Kirkyard Darty Deeds

Diesel Redarts at Glenn's Train Trash

Tin Roof Troubadartz at Trackside Team Apathy

Marlay House Hooligans at Rusty Nail Getting Hammered

Maggie's Dart Vader at Diesel Wet Darts


Diesel Redarts at BYE

Tin Roof Troubadartz at Kirkyard Darty Deeds

Marlay House Hooligans at Maggie's Dart Vader

Diesel Wet Darts at Beer Growler Four Horsemen

Rusty Nail Getting Hammered at Trackside Team Apathy

Glenn's Train Trash at Rusty Nail Random Acts of Dartness

10/14 - Makeup Week

10/21 - Position Week

10/28 - Playoffs

11/4 - Playoffs

11/11 - Playoffs

11/18 - Championship

12/2 - League Party