The Inner City Dart League (ICDL)
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  * * MONTHLY BLIND DRAW - 3rd Friday of every month at Trackside - $7 buy-in - 7:30 sign-up - 8:00 start  

The Inner City Dart League (ICDL) is a co-ed round robin dart league founded in 1998 that plays on Monday nights in dart bars throughout Atlanta.

We are different from other dart leagues because we do not use different divisions or rank teams and players by ability. We believe in fostering new friendships and new experiences by allowing teams to play each other at least once per season. There are two seasons per year followed by a league party featuring a blind draw open to general public as well as trophy presentations, cash and prizes.

Whether you are a dart beginner or have been around the block a few times we are the player’s league for dart players of all abilities. If you’re looking for a relaxed environment to throw darts and yet be challenged in every match join our league today.

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  ICDL 2020 Spring Season
       W    L
Diesel Redarts    118    53
Rusty Nail Getting Hammered    115    56
Marlay House Hooligans    88    83
Glenn's Train Trash    82    89
The Independent Four Horsemen    77    75
       W    L
Maggie's Dart Vader    75    96
Trackside Team Apathy    70    82
Rusty Nail Random Acts of Dartness    66    67
Diesel Wet Darts    66    105
Kirkyard Darty Deeds    60    111
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ICDL 2020 Spring Season
    Player Team Total
Dave Jordan Diesel Redarts  46
Colin Gardner Glenn's Train Trash  42
Brandon Longley The Independent Four Horsemen  36
Corey McCallon Rusty Nail Getting Hammered  29
Darren Clay Maggie's Dart Vader  28
Sabah Ahmad Marlay House Hooligans  27
Steve Feki Maggie's Dart Vader  26
Steve McCollum The Independent Four Horsemen  26
Nickie Adams Diesel Wet Darts  25
Chip Yaggi Rusty Nail Getting Hammered  23
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